What Happens in the Meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee? (Part 1)

When you file a bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are required to attend a meeting with the Trustee assigned to your case.  Most people are at least a little nervous about the meeting, and many people actually dread it.  While I can agree that the meeting is not going to be the most enjoyable event of your life, it’s certainly, by far, not going to be the worse.  [Or, as I often tell my clients, if it is the worst event of your life, I want to change places across the desk with you.]  It is not an interrogation under bright lights.  The Trustee will treat you with respect, and has no reason to “put you down” for being in this financial position (unless you show a very bad attitude!).  If you’re expecting to be punished or reprimanded, you’re going to be disappointed!

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