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Probation can allow you to avoid incarceration and serve your time with less interruption to your life. But if you are charged with violating your probation, the penalties can be severe. You might be worried that you will have to go to jail or undergo other harsh consequences. Our Centerville probation violation defense lawyer Jon Horwitz is here to guide you.

In order to successfully complete your probation, you must adhere to all of the terms set by the judge. You may have been required to attend scheduled meetings with a probation officer or complete community service or drug or alcohol programs. You may be prohibited from changing jobs, moving, or leaving the state while on probation.

Even minor mistakes can lead to a probation violation:

  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Failing to submit to a drug or alcohol test
  • Failing to report a change of address
  • Failing to complete community service
  • Failing to attend a required class or treatment program

If you have been charged with violating the terms of your probation or with a new crime while on probation, you need legal guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. If found guilty of probation violation, you could be sentenced to additional probation terms or an extended sentence. You could even have your probation revoked and wind up behind bars.

At Horwitz & Horwitz, LLC, we’re here to help. We understand that you are going through a difficult situation and that you need someone on your side. We will walk you through the process, explain your options, and do all the we can to get the best possible result for you.

Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Centerville probation violation defense lawyer. You’ll meet with Jon Horwitz, an experienced attorney. If we take your case, you will work with Jon every step of the way–not paralegals or support staff.