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Facing drug manufacturing crimes in Ohio can be a scary proposition when you are doing it on your own. On the other hand, having a highly experienced Centerville drug manufacturing defense lawyer in your corner can make the entire process less stressful and less frightening. You are, understandably, worried about your future. The Horwitz & Horwitz attorneys understand every single emotion, doubt, and fear that you are having right now.

Fortunately, we have the knowledge, the skills, and 45 years of combined experience in criminal law. This means we have walked this road with thousands of individuals just like you. These are people with families, jobs, lives. People who, perhaps simply made a one-time mistake and are now facing serious consequences. Do not face drug manufacturing charges on your own—we can help. 

What is Drug Manufacturing?

Only licensed individuals are legally allowed to manufacture controlled substances. Most of those charged with drug manufacturing are either growing marijuana or producing meth, however, there are other conditions under which you could be charged with drug manufacturing crimes.

To be charged with drug manufacturing, the activities you were engaging in must all related to the production or manufacture of illicit drugs (or the attempted production or manufacture). Usually, drug delivery and possession with intent to deliver are a part of the drug manufacturing process, therefore, there may be additional charges beyond drug manufacturing.

Owning the equipment that is required for the growing or production of a controlled substance is also a criminal offense. Even assisting or participating in a drug production operation could result in drug manufacturing charges. Growing psychedelic mushrooms falls under the drug manufacturing umbrella as well. The state must show there was intent to manufacture or produce illicit substances (and must know the drugs being manufactured are illegal).

You could face time in jail, extremely high fines, a suspended driver’s license, and even a revocation of a professional license. It is not all that uncommon to find methamphetamine labs in Ohio, or to find marijuana being grown in homes or special greenhouses.

What are the Statutes and Penalties for Drug Manufacturing?

Ohio laws regarding drug manufacturing crimes can be found in Ohio Revised Code 2925.04. If the controlled substance manufactured was a Schedule I or Schedule 2 drug, you could be facing a second-degree felony charge. If convicted of a second-degree felony, you could be looking at a mandatory prison sentence between 6 and 18 months and fines as high as $15,000. If the illicit drug was grown or manufactured near a school, the charges could increase to a first-degree felony. A first-degree felony is extremely serious, bringing a mandatory prison sentence of between 3 and 10 years, and fines as large as $20,000.

If the controlled substance manufactured was a Schedule III, IV, or V drug, you may be charged with a third-degree felony. The penalties for a third-degree felony in the state of Ohio is a prison sentence of between 1 and 5 years, and fines as large as $10,000. If the Schedule III, IV, or V drug was manufactured near juveniles, you are facing a prison term of 2-8 years, and a fine as large as $15,000. Any felony conviction can bring consequences apart from the legal penalties. You may be unable to own a firearm, unable to find a job, unable to rent an apartment, and you could be unable to obtain a professional license—or may lose the one you have.

What are the Defenses to Drug Manufacturing Crimes in Centerville?

The defense used by your Centerville drug manufacturing defense lawyer will be tailored to fit your unique situation and the facts surrounding your charges. Some of the more common legal defenses for drug manufacturing crimes include:

  • You were not aware of the drug manufacturing activities. Perhaps the illegal drug manufacturing was taking place on a rental property you own, or on property that you do not visit often. Drug laboratories or growing operations are, by their very nature, clandestine, therefore, often concealed. You, as the property owner may had no idea what was happening on your property. If this is true, then your attorney will argue actual innocence on your behalf, and it will be up to the state to prove you did have knowledge of the growing or manufacturing operation.
  • Your rights were violated during your arrest. There are specific rules and laws related to search and seizure, and if those were violated during your arrest then all evidence could be ordered to be excluded. The police must have had reasonable cause to enter your property or a valid search warrant. If they had neither of those, then the judge may exclude all evidence gathered by law enforcement. If there is no evidence against you, then the charges could be dropped.
  • When you were arrested, law enforcement neglected to read your Miranda rights to you or refused your request for a lawyer. If your rights were blatantly violated in this manner, then your attorney may be able to negotiate for lesser charges, or even have the charges dropped altogether.

How Experienced centerville Drug Manufacturing Defense Lawyer Jon Horwitz Can Help

When you retain Centerville drug manufacturing defense lawyer Jon Horwitz, you have taken a very positive step toward a better resolution to your charges. We will answer all your questions in a thorough, yet understandable manner. We are with you from start to finish and are never too busy to help you.

We are not like other law firms—we strive to be better by always putting your best interests, your rights, and your future as the number one priority. We are always upfront with you, offering solid, straightforward advice and never making promises we can’t keep. At Horwitz & Horwitz, we want to be sure you fully understand the risks and benefits of all your options. Contact Horwitz & Horwitz today for assistance with your Ohio drug manufacturing charges.