What Happens in the Meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee?

two people using laptops during a meeting

When you file bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are required to attend a meeting with the Bankruptcy Trustee assigned to your case.  Most people are at least a little nervous about the meeting, and many people actually dread it.  Most would agree that the meeting is not going to be the most enjoyable event of your life, but it’s certainly, by far, not going to be the worse.  [Or, as I often tell my clients, if it is the worst event of your life, I want to change places across the desk with you.]  It is not an interrogation under bright lights.  The Bankruptcy Trustee will treat you with respect and has no reason to “put you down” for being in this financial position.  If you expect to be punished or reprimanded, you will be disappointed!

When your case is called, the Bankruptcy Trustee will check your photo ID and social security documentation and put you under oath.  They will then ask you several questions, which are routinely asked by all debtors.  I advise my clients to get to the meeting room early enough so that they can watch a few meetings before their case is called because, generally, the questions will be similar in each case.  That way, the clients can give some thought to what their answer will be before they’re actually at the table answering.

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