Shoplifting Gone Wrong – When 1 + 1 = 3

In Criminal Law, sometimes 1 + 1 = 3, or even worse.  Consider the following scenario:

Diane goes into a Walmart.  For whatever reason, Diane decides to steal several items from the store and put them in her purse. Diane then proceeds to walk towards the entrance of the store.  As Diane walks past the cash registers without paying for the items, a person wearing regular clothes approaches Diane and tells her to stop.  The person tells Diane that he is an asset protection officer with Walmart.  Because the asset protection officer (aka loss prevention officer or store security) is not a law enforcement officer, Diane does not believe that this person has the authority to make her stop.  Diane also does not want to be searched, as she knows any search will reveal the stolen items concealed in her purse.  Thus, Diane decides to ignore the orders of the asset protection officer and continue towards the store’s exit.  In an effort to prevent Diane from getting away with her shoplifting offense, the asset protection officer grabs Diane’s arm.  Diane panics.  She shoves the asset protection officer away and makes a run for it.  Diane is later apprehended.