Does the Automatic Stay in the Bankruptcy Law Prevent a Landlord from Being Able to Evict the Tenant on a Residential Lease?

You are probably aware that when you file a bankruptcy, an “automatic stay” goes into effect right away, which means that none of your creditors can take any further action against you without first getting the approval of the bankruptcy court.  Therefore, if anyone is suing you, that lawsuit has to stop and, if it’s for money damages against you, will most likely be dismissed.  Even if you are in the middle of a divorce action, those proceedings are frozen during the pendency of the bankruptcy action, or at least until an order of relief from stay to go forward is granted by the Bankruptcy Court.

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The employment situation in Ohio was pretty bleak for the past few years. You may have found yourself out of a job with no replacement in sight and mounting bills that had to be paid. Or you may have employment that is seasonable, such as landscaping or construction, and have to rely on unemployment compensation to cover the periods when you’re not able to do your work. For whatever reason, you applied to the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services (OBES), and were awarded a weekly benefit amount. [Read more…]

Tenth District Court of Appeals Upholds Trial Court’s Decision Invalidating OVI Arrest

On February 28, 2017, the Tenth District Court of Appeals issued a decision affirming the Franklin County Municipal Court’s ruling suppressing evidence and invalidating an OVI arrest, due to the lack of probable cause.

In the case of State v. Bracken, 2017-Ohio-721, the Tenth District issued a rather brief decision explaining its reasoning.  The relevant portions state as follows: [Read more…]

What’s a “Bike Hub,” and What’s it Doing in Centerville?

A very small, very attractive building went up on North Main Street in the last few months. It’s not far north of Central Avenue, on the right hand side as you drive from Central (Rte. 73) towards Dorothy Lane Market. I was curious about it because of its size; however, when they put the large bicycle sign on it, I really was intrigued.


A little internet research shows that it’s a SPARC AND GO hub. “SPARC” stands for Centerville Area Recharging Center, which is a new concept in this area of the country. It gives you the opportunity to recharge your cell phone, which is a marvelous idea for recreational bike riders! The hub also features bike parking, air pumps, and repair racks. And if you’re lucky enough to be biking nearby when a rainstorm hits, it offers a warm, dry place to wait it out. It doesn’t offer much room for automobile parking, however, so it won’t work as a destination to start/end a bike ride. [Read more…]