We hear that the economy is “recovering”, but most people are still having a tough time, and the immediate future does not look too promising. You yourself may be surviving on credit cards to pay for your daily expenses, and are feeling anxious as the balances on those cards increases. On the other hand, you regularly receive statements on your 401(k) plan from your work, and see money just sitting there. The thought occurs to you to use that money to help you out of your current financial crisis. But is that a good idea? [Read more…]

What do you need to know when you hire an attorney?

Suppose you have a problem and need to hire an attorney to help you get the best resolution. You get recommendations from friends or go online to find a suitable attorney. You meet with that attorney, and at the end of that meeting, you decide to hire her to take care of the matter for you. She describes briefly what she will need to do, and explains her fee to you. You agree with what she’s telling you. Do the two of you need to put that agreement into writing? [Read more…]

What’s a “Bike Hub,” and What’s it Doing in Centerville?

A very small, very attractive building went up on North Main Street in the last few months. It’s not far north of Central Avenue, on the right hand side as you drive from Central (Rte. 73) towards Dorothy Lane Market. I was curious about it because of its size; however, when they put the large bicycle sign on it, I really was intrigued.


A little internet research shows that it’s a SPARC AND GO hub. “SPARC” stands for Centerville Area Recharging Center, which is a new concept in this area of the country. It gives you the opportunity to recharge your cell phone, which is a marvelous idea for recreational bike riders! The hub also features bike parking, air pumps, and repair racks. And if you’re lucky enough to be biking nearby when a rainstorm hits, it offers a warm, dry place to wait it out. It doesn’t offer much room for automobile parking, however, so it won’t work as a destination to start/end a bike ride. [Read more…]