Is it shameful to file for bankruptcy?

People who are considering bankruptcy more often than not feel ashamed, and are expecting their attorney or the bankruptcy trustee or the judge to scold them for being in financial distress.  That is not what happens when you file.  No one is going to put you down or call you a failure.  When you meet with your attorney and the trustee, no one is going to suggest that you’re a slacker, irresponsible, or lazy.  The attorneys, trustees, and judges all know that in the vast majority of cases, there has been some catastrophe that led to the financial distress.  There is some reason why your income is not enough to cover your expenses.  It could be the loss of a job, the death of a spouse, a divorce, automobile accident, or a health problem.  It is a situation you couldn’t foresee or prevent.  There’s no crime or defect in your character as a person.

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