Using Someone Else’s Dumpster: Legal or Illegal?

Consider the following hypothetical scenario:  It is February 19, 2014 at approximately 7:25 p.m.  Fred has several large Hefty bags of garbage of which he wants to dispose.  The dumpster at Fred’s apartment complex is completely full.  If he leaves the trash next to the dumpster, the bags will likely be torn open by raccoons.  Fred does not want to wait to speak with the apartment’s management office the next morning.  He wants to “take the trash out” now.  So, Fred, along with his girlfriend and her son, drives to his girlfriend’s son’s middle school and tosses the Hefty bags into the school’s dumpsters located in the back parking lot.  Fred drives off feeling as if he’s done a “good deed”, by responsibly disposing of his trash in a dumpster and not throwing it out the car window onto the side of the road.

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