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We know that if you are facing overwhelming debt or serious criminal charges, this is an incredibly difficult, frightening time in your life.  You’re worried about your future.  With more than 45 years of combined experience in bankruptcy and criminal law, we have the knowledge and skill to give you the support you need.

Perhaps you are facing overwhelming debt and are considering filing for bankruptcy. Or, perhaps you have been charged with a criminal offense and you are feeling frightened and anxious about your future. The attorneys at Horwitz & Horwitz LLC, are dedicated to helping those facing these difficult issues. We will work hard on your behalf to get you through financial difficulties or criminal charges with a goal of obtaining the best outcome possible. We truly care about your rights and your future, and we show that care and dedication by presenting the best legal advice/defense you will find. At Horwitz & Horwitz LLC we understand that when you are facing extreme financial difficulties your entire life is colored by these difficulties.

You may not know where to turn or what the “right” decisions are—the decisions that will result in the least amount of long-term fallout. Likewise, when you are charged with a criminal offense, you may have no idea how to proceed or what choices to make in order to protect your future. You may be intimidated by police officers or the state prosecutor, resulting in a hasty—and probably detrimental—decision. The Horwitz & Horwitz lawyers have extensive experience in helping those with financial problems or those who have been criminally charged. We will look at your situation as a whole, helping you make decisions which will best reflect your goals for your future.

Practice Areas

At Horwitz & Horwitz LLC, we are dedicated to helping people facing bankruptcy and criminal charges. We can help you if you are dealing with:

Criminal Defense

We also know that there may have been a number of extenuating circumstances which contributed to that bad decision. We believe that while everyone should “pay” for their criminal activities, sometimes they should not pay in ways which alter their entire future. We will aggressively fight your criminal charges, with a goal of either a plea bargain which will minimize the fallout from your offense or through a strong trial presentation which presents your extenuating circumstances to the jury. The Horwitz & Horwitz attorneys can help you with the following types of criminal charges:

White Collar Crime

Embezzlement is one of the most common white-collar criminal charges, although there are other types of white-collar crimes such as money laundering, identity theft, forgery, mortgage fraud, cybercrime, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, fraud, bribery and securities fraud. White-collar crimes often involve large amounts of money, thus are charged at a very high felony level, with equally serious consequences. An attorney from Horwitz and Horwitz will mount a solid defense on your behalf if you have been charged with a white-collar criminal offense.


On April 6, 2017, House Bill 388 (Annie’s Law) increased the penalties for those convicted of DUI/OVI in the state of Ohio. OVI is a relatively common offense. Most all adults have—at one time or another—driven after having a drink or two, truly not realizing their BAC could potentially reach the legal limit. For many, a DUI/OVI represents the first contact they have ever had with the criminal justice system. It can be a very frightening time, realizing this one mistake could potentially change your life forever because the consequences of an OVI conviction can be much worse than you might imagine. You could not only lose your driver’s license, you could find yourself behind bars—even for a first offense DUI—could be hit with extremely high fines and could be unable to afford auto insurance in the future when you get your driver’s license back. Having an experienced DUI/OVI attorney by your side as quickly as possible following your charges can truly make a difference in your future.

Ohio Drug Crimes

If you have been charged with an Ohio drug crime, it is likely you are worried about your future—and with good reason. In the state of Ohio, the consequences for drug offenses can be particularly severe. You could face a misdemeanor charge or a felony offense, depending on the specific drug and the quantity of the drug, as well as whether you are charged with trafficking or manufacturing. You could potentially end up behind bars for a significant amount of time, pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars in fines and ordered to complete a drug treatment program. An attorney from Horwitz & Horwitz has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you fight your drug charges, working for the best possible solution in your case, whether that is a dismissal, an acquittal of the charges, or an alternative to incarceration. You may qualify for a diversion program, or, if you agree to go through a drug treatment program your charges could be dismissed, and your criminal record kept clean.

Misdemeanor Offenses

While misdemeanor offenses are less serious than felony offenses, they can nonetheless have a significant impact on your life, your livelihood and your future. Your criminal history is now readily accessible to virtually anyone with a computer and the skills to access the information. This means that even a misdemeanor conviction could potentially prevent you from obtaining a job you are otherwise well-qualified for, obtaining a professional license, acquiring a government student loan for college as well as other adverse consequences. Do not take misdemeanor criminal charges lightly—contact an attorney from Horwitz and Horwitz to mount a solid defense on your behalf.


Chapter 7

This is what most people think of as a bankruptcy.  The debtor essentially puts all  his/her assets and debts “on the table”.  Assets are protected up to certain limits by “exemptions”.  If an asset is worth much more than the exemption, or if there is no exemption to protect the particular asset, then the bankruptcy trustee will seek to liquidate (sell) It and distribute the proceeds to the creditors.  The remaining portion of the unsecured debts are wiped out, such as credit cards and medical bills, without the requirement of paying back balances owed.  If you are faced with a foreclosure of real estate or repossession of a vehicle, you can get out from under any deficiency judgment on the balance owed after that asset is resold by the lender.

Chapter 13

This is also referred to as a wage earner’s plan and enables individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay a percentage of the current balances of their debts. The percentage paid to the creditors can be anywhere from 0-100%, depending upon disposable income after normal monthly expenses are paid. Debtors who have incomes over a median amount as determined annually per state and number of household members are presumptively considered to have income to repay their creditors some amount of disposable income.  Unless they can overcome the presumption, they are not eligible for a chapter 7.  Debtors propose a repayment plan to make installments to creditors over 3-5 years, which must then be approved by the Chapter 13 Trustee and the Judge.  Chapter 13 offers individuals a number of advantages over Chapter 7, including an opportunity to save their homes from foreclosure by paying the arrearage over the life of the plan.

Small Business Bankruptcy

This usually comes up with debtors who are sole proprietors or who operate LLCs, and where the debtor has signed as a guarantor of business debts.  Businesses cannot file under chapter 13, although the individual owner or LLC member can, and the business can continue operating.  If the business is no longer generating a profit and has debts that can be enforced against the owner, this is a way for the owner to clear out the business obligations that survive the closing of the business and move on under either chapter.  An important consideration is that an owner having the major portion of his debts arising out of his business rather than his private consumer debt can file under chapter 7 even if his/her income would otherwise suggest he must be in a chapter 13.

How We Can Help

We do what is best for each of our clients, and we work with integrity. What does this mean for you?

  • We put your interests first.
  • Our 2 lawyers have 45 years of combined legal experience.
  • Our firm’s attorneys handle cases from start to finish, and we are never too busy to help you. When we have reached our maximum capacity, we limit our intake of new cases.  We are not like other law firms, nor do we strive to be like other firms.
  • We do not give the work to secretaries or paralegals.
  • We do not delegate the work on your case to other, less experienced attorneys.
  • When you call, you speak to one of us.
  • We’re upfront and give straightforward advice. We never make promises we can’t keep.  We make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of all your options.
  • Our fees are reasonable. Our firm’s goal is to give you the best result possible in your case in a cost-effective manner.
  • We do advertise, but our firm’s goal is to obtain new referrals from satisfied clients. Just like any other business, the key to building a successful law practice is with satisfied customers.

Our lawyers have 45 years of combined legal experience and we always, always put the interests of our clients first. We handle your case from start to finish and are never too busy to help you and answer your questions. We do not hand off your case to secretaries or paralegals, nor do we delegate the work on your case to less experienced attorneys. We are always upfront with our clients and always give straightforward advice, never making promises we cannot keep. We fully explore your options, making sure you understand both the risks and the benefits of any decision you make. Contact an experienced Horwitz & Horwitz attorney today. We would be glad to meet with you to talk about your unique situation.