What’s a “Bike Hub,” and What’s it Doing in Centerville?

A very small, very attractive building went up on North Main Street in the last few months. It’s not far north of Central Avenue, on the right hand side as you drive from Central (Rte. 73) towards Dorothy Lane Market. I was curious about it because of its size; however, when they put the large bicycle sign on it, I really was intrigued.


A little internet research shows that it’s a SPARC AND GO hub. “SPARC” stands for Centerville Area Recharging Center, which is a new concept in this area of the country. It gives you the opportunity to recharge your cell phone, which is a marvelous idea for recreational bike riders! The hub also features bike parking, air pumps, and repair racks. And if you’re lucky enough to be biking nearby when a rainstorm hits, it offers a warm, dry place to wait it out. It doesn’t offer much room for automobile parking, however, so it won’t work as a destination to start/end a bike ride.

There’s another hub like it down the road on Main Street south of Central, in Rotary Park. And eventually more hubs will be build in Clearcreek Park, somewhere near the Austin Road development, and a yet-to-be-determined site on Centerville’s northeast side. They are meant to be a network to promote bicycling and hiking in the City, and to eventually connect to the fabulous nearby bike trails that go through many neighboring communities. Hopefully, it will eventually draw foot and bike traffic to the historic section of the city.

The two existing SPARC AND GO’s are connected by a 4.89 mile designated trail going up the east side of Main Street until you bear right on W. Lyle Five Points Rd. From there you turn left on Yankee Rd., and follow that to the end of the trail, which is just below Social Row.

The City of Centerville is actively looking to expand and combine its current bike trails. I understand that the master plan is for a 6–mile trail system for cyclists, walkers, and runners. I personally hope that the later development will include more off-road trails rather than bike lanes along the City’s busy thoroughfares. My law office is located on that Main Street stretch, so eventually I can hope that clients can peddle in to see me! And, as an avid user of the Loveland bike trail myself, I’d be thrilled if you stopped in to tell me more about the local Centerville bicycling options!