What’s a “Bike Hub,” and What’s it Doing in Centerville?

A very small, very attractive building went up on North Main Street in the last few months. It’s not far north of Central Avenue, on the right hand side as you drive from Central (Rte. 73) towards Dorothy Lane Market. I was curious about it because of its size; however, when they put the large bicycle sign on it, I really was intrigued.


A little internet research shows that it’s a SPARC AND GO hub. “SPARC” stands for Centerville Area Recharging Center, which is a new concept in this area of the country. It gives you the opportunity to recharge your cell phone, which is a marvelous idea for recreational bike riders! The hub also features bike parking, air pumps, and repair racks. And if you’re lucky enough to be biking nearby when a rainstorm hits, it offers a warm, dry place to wait it out. It doesn’t offer much room for automobile parking, however, so it won’t work as a destination to start/end a bike ride. [Read more…]

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Do you feel like your debts are getting away from you? Are you overwhelmed and anxious about paying your bills? Do you need some relief from your creditors? Are you beginning to think that you should be looking into filing a bankruptcy?

dollar-941246_1920Over the years, I’ve spoken to lots of people in your situation, who are just beginning to look into finding an attorney to help them with bankruptcy. Many of these people call with one question for me — “what’s y
our fee?”.   When I ask if they have any other questions about bankruptcy and how it works, they’re not interested. They want the cheapest attorney, no matter what kind of representation they get. [Read more…]


Most people looking into filing a bankruptcy understand that a chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out all the debts you want to get rid of, while allowing you to keep certain exempt assets. If you file under chapter 7 and have assets that are not protected by exemptions, then those assets are “liquidated” (sold) by the chapter 7 Trustee and the proceeds are divided among your creditors. That is why chapter 7 is known as the Liquidation chapter.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a bit more complicated for people to understand. It is known as the Individual’s Debt Adjustment chapter. There are times when a chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t serve your purposes. Although you need to deal with your debts to get them under control, there is some obstacle in your way, such as a paid-off vehicle that you need to keep to get you to work. That is a situation where a chapter 13 bankruptcy could be more beneficial to you than filing a chapter 7 where you would lose the vehicle to the Trustee/creditors. Another instance where a chapter 13 is helpful is if you’ve fallen several months behind in your mortgage payments, and need time to bring them current. A chapter 7 will not give you that time, but a chapter 13 will.   Further, if your income is over the median amount for your state, as set up by the Census Bureau, current bankruptcy law compels you to file under chapter 13 rather than 7. [Read more…]